Birzzle Pandora App Reviews

98 add

Awesome Game!

Just bummed I had to buy it twice for my iPhone and iPad. But looks gorgeous, fun and addictive!!!

Love this game!

One of my favorites. I love the sounds the birds make. So cute. Great upbeat music, too.

Birzzle is super fun

Birzzle is super fun and cute

Ice break is the best!



Music is the soul of a game.

Fantastic fast paced puzzle game!

Fantastic fast paced puzzle game!

Best game ever!!!

Omg this is one if the games which kept me hooked for how long now 4 years?? Its so entertaining and challenging.

Great graphics!

5 stars, no problems.. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.


update 5/6/15- game loses sound when a call comes in during game play & have to reboot phone to get sound back kinda boring & sound towards end of game irritating...if i pay for an app i expect no ads, not pop ups for birzzle fever, so far the biggest rip off of in app purchases Update: catching on to the game & liking it more, still find the sounds annoying & with birzzle fever was bundled with this set instead of separate. Birzzle fever is chalked full of rip off in app purchases & would rather pay for a game than constantly get pested for a purchase or slam my facebook friends with play me spam

best game that I ever had

I had played this game silence I was high school.


MUSIC and SOUND EFFECTS should have separate controls. You should be able to turn off background music without affecting the normal sound effects.


Totally awesome!! I love the ice game the best!!! Fast and Cute... Love the fluttering


Fast pace pretty addictive if you like this sort of game

very good

very nice game

I love it

But, there is no "FEVER" in Japan App Store.




Update screwup! Game is not loading every one!! Update didnt change any thing. Game still the same.

One of the best time-killing game

Everyone gonna live it!


Great game! Probably the best action puzzle game on iOS. If you liked Tetris attack, youll like this!

iOS 7 - Finally!

Need to adjust the margins on the top, though. Im pressing buttons through the carriers signal strength.

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